Tesmar is born in 1988 by Mr. Frigerio Oreste. It is a familiar-conduction company that is taken advantage of the collaboration of highly professional structures.
The company places solid roots in the field of weaves them years ' 50 since, when began with the name of Vegor in Nibionno (IT).
They are the sons Maurizio, Angela and Raffaele to direct of currently the main ones activity, in the order: relationships with the Italian Market, the Foreign Market and the Production.
It has 16 Jacquard looms of last generation, totally elechtronic, that they produce approximately 50.000 meters of woven high-quality: Lampasse, Gobelin, Liseree... modern & classic.
The main objective of the Company, in strong expansion, is to satisfy the customers with produce many articles to You, realizing some on the base of designs proposals from the same customer. All the produced woven ones come control to You in order to guarantee of the quality, from the webbing crudes oil too. Tesmar exports mainly in North America and England, Europe and the rest of the world.
It directly exposes the own ones woven through fairs and wholesalers which Cernobbio and Frankfurt.